Re-invented 70s fancy dress costumes are a top seller

23th October 2013

Music and the 70s fancy dress look of today

70s fancy dress

Researching the history of costumes design over the centuries shows us the importance of them in celebrating or worshiping events related to a particular culture. Halloween, regarded today as a time for celebration has deep roots in Christianity. There are many references in literature to the association with the occult, witches and spells.

Today’s reincarnation of these ancient beliefs is a powerful driver for people’s interest in dressing up for such a event. On the other hand happy celebrations such as the marriage of kings and queens and all we associate with pagentry, can easily be seen of the offerings of medieval costumes, recreated with perhaps a modern twist to further appeal to our fashion sense.

Where there is a demand for such fancy dress costumes,. the market follows and we have now a thriving industry catering for all types of celebration events. One of the most favored is the 70s fancy dress costume. Because the 70s was so revolutionary in terms of culture and liberalization, further driven by the range of new musical artists, we see great interest in the genre. We need only recall the stars of the 70s to see this is true. Think of the Bee Gees, John Travolta and Elvis Presley. And think of the costumes they wore. Dazzling, colourful and glittery. No wonder the genre is so strong today for 70s fancy dress costumes.

There is also a close relationship between themes and the seasons of the year. So with the approach of Halloween we see many styles incorporating elements of Halloween with witches, goblins, elves and devils. In the States, some communities make Halloween a big local event.

This is an old tradition and in ancient days, people were afraid of ghosts and evil souls so they developed a method to ward of these evil spirits. They wore these costumes and lit bonfires for this purpose. Some people followed these rituals to honor their saints to get their blessings. Gradually these events became celebration events and people started to enjoy these parties as Halloween costume parties. The Halloween parties are celebrated in many countries especially in Europe and America. People start planning for these parties well in advance and put in lots of innovative ideas in these parties; especially for the preparation of the Halloween costumes. The Halloween costumes increase the enjoyment at the Halloween parties.

For 70s fancy dress events we only have to look at the pop industry and music sector to see the use of music today. With sites like Spotify it is easy to list up favorite tracks from decades gone by. Steve Jobs listened exclusively to music from the 70s on his ipod. Of course he went on to revolutionize the industry by encouraging easy downloads to play on his various devices.

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By Justin Lee