70s fancy dress party games

70s fancy dress

From the fashion to the music, the 1970s was an unforgettable decade, making it the perfect theme for a groovy dress up party. No matter if your 70s dress up bash is scheduled for afternoon or evening, choosing the perfect entertainment is essential to assuring your guests have a blast.

Of course, most of your guests will want to hit the dance floor and get their funk on with some great disco tunes, so be sure to create an authentic 70s scene with a disco mirror ball and multicolored lights, but you will also need to plan some other fun activities for your non-hustling guests. So, let’s take a look at some fun 70s themed party games. The cult of the 60s and 70s is so strong that there are apprenticeships in costume and wardrobe design of the era here.
We’ll also consider those slightly older folk, who love The Beatles that we include 60s fancy dress to be part of our offering!!
Should you be visiting london you can visit the Victoria & Albert museum exhibition on 60s fashions

70s Charades

This is the rules of traditional charades, but with a big dose of the “Me Decade.” To start, each player must jot down a 1970s-related song, catchphrase, song, movie, etc. and place the slip of paper into a hat. Next, the guests are divided into two teams, with each team choosing a captain. Each team decides on signals to reveal the category in which he will be acting out (for example, if the category is a song, he might mimic singing into a mic). A coin flip determines which team goes first. The first player must take a slip of paper from the hat. He then gives the category signal to his team. Next, the actor will hold up the number of words found in the song, phrase, etc. His team will say the number aloud. The actor then holds up the number of the word he will be acting out first. (For example, if he is acting out “Star Wars,” he will hold up one finger to act out the word “star.”) For each word he acts out, he needs to show that number of fingers to represent the word he is acting out. If the team is having a tough time guessing the answers, the actor can cup his hand behind his ear to indicate “sounds like.” He can then mimic or act out a word that sounds like the word in the answer.

Hot Disco Ball

If you remember the game “Hot Potato” from when you were a kid, the same concept goes for “Hot Disco Ball.” Purchase an inflatable disco ball and pass it around from guest to guest while the music is playing. You guests must be on their toes, because no one wants to be the one left holding the ball. If you are holding a party for adults and serving alcohol, the one left holding the ball must then take a shot. If it’s a party for teens or children, the one left holding the ball must complete a truth or dare challenge.

These are only two ideas, but you can use nearly any traditional party game and simply give it a 70s twist. The main thing is to have fun and keep your guests laughing. It will definitely be a memorable time!