70s music and fashion lasts forever

Justin Lee

Some things are forever and 70s music and fashion is a case in point. We are fortunate in that many of those legends are still living today. Their music lives on in our hearts. I belong to the lucky generation that saw the decade of 70s and the creation of great music and fashion costumes

The 70s decade was responsible for many things apart fro music and costume design. For Americans the Vietnam War and 70s music changed their thinking and broadened their mental horizon. For other nations change continued at a fast pace in 70s as well. The costumes and music was changing very fast but the people of those years welcomed it with open hearts and minds.

Listening to the plethora of radio stations i particularly pick up on 70s music. I thought i would have a chat with one particular station and the DJ told me he regularly receives up to 50% requests fro 70s music to be played. So we just dedicate twenty percent of our time for the 70s music. I am very happy that the young generation also likes the old music.

Some of the youngsters may not like what I say but this is a truth that rock and roll of 70s continued to grow from Elvis to Metallica and it is still going strong. Only those youngsters who have not listened to the 70s music, don’t quite get it. But if and when they do they stay addicted.