70s videos and CD’s all fed the fancy dress costume industry

As children of the time we kept some of our precious Saturday night fever videos. 70s fancy dress costumes also produce the same fever. The bold, colourful and fancy designs were created for 70s music and 70s fancy dress costumes were a true representation of the music of the 70s. Disco music together with the punks of the time were the kings. The influence on the pop scene was total. As the decade progressed music also changed a bit and same effects were also observed upon the fancy dress costumes. The costumes became tighter and revealing and this trend continued until the end of 80s. Parents never considered their children would actually wear mini skirts. They were wrong.

For participants of the 70s many can see striking similarities with trends today.So for example drain pipe trousers and denims have appeared from nowhere but rather seen and permutated in a designers mind to evolve into today’s slim legged offerings.

The short and miniskirts are still worn by girls of all ages. The shape of Platforms shoes have changed somewhat but are easily identifiable as emanating from the 70s. As the music had a great impact upon 70s fancy dress costumes, complete costumes along with shoes, hair (wigs) and other accessories are available in the shops so that once you become a 70s fancy person, you should have all the things necessary to present a complete 70s fancy dress costume look.

You will find no difficulty in selecting from hundreds of 70s costume combos and if you do,do not lose heart. There are so many fancy costume shops on the internet you can choose at your leisure from home and have them delivered to your doorstep. Or start here www.70s-fancydress.com

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