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Celebrities use the PVC boot to keep up with todays fashion

If certain personalities appear often in the media such as magazines or tv chat shows, they will be very aware that what they wear has to be unique whether clothing or footwear.Often these are re interpretations of 70s costumes and design.
Victoria Beckham has succeeded in establishing herself as a leading name in the world of fashion . This is despite the fact that she often gets a bad or derisory press, usually due to her anorexia or the bunions on her feet. Many celebs looking to dress up in the latest designs might consider her pieces. Victoria will need to keep a look out to see who is wearing what and ensure that whatever she creates is totally unique. Being the same as another is a certain way to kill your reputation stone dead.

In the case of boots, so much is owed to the early designers of the 70s who first created the pvc boot look, togther with its high heel. You will recall Nancy Sinatra’s recoding of the song these boots are made for walking. Well that track together with the appeal of the boot, helped launch a perennial fashion style. So although it has bee re-invented many times still stays with us today.

Recreating the 70s is usually kicked off with revisiting the boots together with a matching miniskirt. Put these together with a few other pieces and you are back in the 70s and ready to go and party.