Older century fashion still affects the styles of today

70s fancy dress

70s fancy dress and 15th century court dresses

Far from today’s depiction of fashion as portrayed by themes such as 70s fancy dress costumes the history is far richer and of aristocratic origin. Although we know from history that our forefathers were given to celebration using gowns and fancy costumes, ladies wear although perhaps amusing to us today, enhanced the sexual appeal of the fairer sex.

Today’s elegant function wear may be formal or semi formal. The evening dress is also called an evening gown. Evening dresses are generally made from expensive material such as velvet, organza, chiffon or silk and I personally choose silk for its flowing feel. The cloth is fine and enhances a woman’s beauty. Evening dresses are often confused with ball gowns but there is a big difference .
There is a history behind the evening dress. First introduced in the 15th century during which time ladies wore evening gowns made of wool. It was expensive and it was also a symbol of status. These were first introduced into the king’s court and only the rich and royal could afford them. The general public was not allowed to wear them. However, things changed when and was introduced. Merchants and businessmen who became rich in the mid 1400’s started producing silk made evening gowns and the fabric became fashion for the evening. Whosoever could afford started wearing the silk evening gowns and people loved them.
With the passage of time, Europeans became rich and various different types of evening functions increased.So did the variety of evening dresses.

Those were gradually introduced into social life. It is said that in the 17th and 18th centuries, rich ladies used to have hundreds of evening gowns and some wouldn’t wear the same evening gown again for a second function. So evening dresses became a status symbol for the affluent class of Europe. Evening functions were growing in popularity, and ball gowns were also introduced. In the last century the differentiation has been made and differences have been pointed out between the two, ad they have been categorized as different variations of evening dress.
Despite the budding fashion trend, one thing remains as a main driving force. The pursuit of elegance and being the best dressed woman at the party.

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By Justin Lee