Elegant dresses versus facy dress costumes

An evening of elegance , not a 70s fancy dress party

There is always some confusion in the mind of ladies on how to differentiate between a conventional dress and an evening dress. This is well outside the scope of those fancy dress outfits at
This is the reason we see many wearing conventional gowns as evening dresses and this does not convey a good message of your choice and personality. There are four main differences between these two dresses.

Cut: The cut is the first difference between the two. The evening gown has more classical and orthodox.

Fabric: This is the second difference and even a normal person can easily understand the difference between the fabrics used for both the dresses. The evening dresses are made of expensive and luxurious material which may include velvet, silk, taffeta, chiffon etc. the cloth is also embroidered and expensive beads and jewels may also be used. So evening dresses give a rich look and show how affluent the lady wearing the evening dress is. On the contrary, conventional dresses do now stand out for their richness and expensive look.

Jewelry: This may not be included as a difference but generally the jewelry is not worn with the conventional dresses or very few items are worn. Heavy jewelry is associated with evening dresses but that is not a compulsion. Sometimes, simple jewelry also gives a graceful and elegant look with the evening gowns.

Color choice: Conventional dresses can be made of any color. The colors can be dull and can be bright. These can be multi colored as well as single color. But for the evening dresses, one has to be very cautious as the evening dresses are elegant and graceful multi colors cannot be used and at the same time very bright colors are also not liked to be worn for the evening dresses.

To give you an example what the evening dresses look like, just watch some celebrity bashes. Look at the Oscar or Academy awards and a clear picture will be presented to you. Though, those ladies wear highly expensive materials, you may copy those and use less expensive material or you can get a fair idea and use this idea to develop your own evening dress. There are some famous designers who prepare the evening dresses for the celebrities and they charge very heavily. These designers can only be afforded by the rich and famous. However, for general public, they produce less expensive evening dresses also which can be bought from their outlets.