PVC boots through the 60s and 70s

70s boots kept being re invented

Gogo boots were introduced in 60s; however, these became famous in 70s and were later known as pvc boots. As recently as the 1960s wearing boots to your place of work was frowned upon. They thought that boots were made for young school and college girls and not for older women. We can regard the pvc boots as the trend setters for the ladies of 70s who started wearing them despite newspaper reports printing up women wearing pvc boots and not being liked by the opposite sex. Women in UK and USA started appearing in public with pvc boots. This allowed the shoe companies to produce pvc boots in large scale, in big quantities and the varieties, colours and designs of pvc boots were also changed.

In the beginning, pvc boots were tight fitting . Some had added laces, buttons and zips were kept hidden on the rear. Pvc boots were worn most of the time during summer with short, flowery dresses that showed upper thighs. Dresses were often a bit longer. Slits were made in dresses to further highlight thighs and boots.

The end of the 70s saw interest in boots fade

In the late 70s, lots of colours were added to pvc boots. Straighter shapes then evolved in skirts. Designers and fashion loving people remained quite busy with pvc boots and every now and then, changes kept renewing interest in the fad.

In the 80s, the pvc boot lost some of their shine. Instead, people started wearing ankle boots; however, they could always be seen somewhere in shops and so people kept wearing them. But the interest was low. Recently, there has been a revival in public interest in pvc boots and this has come after some show business ladies have worn them in various movies and functions.
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