The history of PVC boots and the fashion scene

The seventies and pvc boots

The importance of pvc boots can never be ignored. We all love pvc boots and each of us has one or more in our closets. PVC boots were introduced in the 60s and the fashion reached its pinnacle in the 70s. People went crazy about pvc boots and you could not find any one not wearing them. The pvc boots have enjoyed a fashion hiatus for a very long time and in recent times, have made a comeback in the fashion world. It is a matter of common sense that whenever a retro fashion item is re-introduced; like movies or songs, they come with changes suitable to present trends and needs. This is the case with the pvc boots. They have been introduced again with some changes in designs, materials and colours to match the latest trends.

Pvc boots have a very unique and interesting history . These shoes were initially called gogo shoes. Even now some people refer to the pvc boots as gogo shoes. This word has been derived from a French word “a gogo” and meaning happiness. A gogo has actually been derived from “la gogue” which has similar meaning. This word was not meant to be used for the boots; rather, it was used for dancers. However, dancers felt at ease with their dancing moves and looked attractive and sexy in the boots; hence, gradually they were named pvc boots.

When you talk to a person from the generation of 60s or 70s, you will hear them talk of gogo boots. Younger people often get surprised as they do not know the history . To me it’s a great design that has survived many years and again and again resurfaces in the fashion world with a certain panache. We are thankful to the original designers.
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